Yamato Drummers of Japan

Hi people, these days I made new video with some footage from a concert of Yamato – drummers of Japan in Varna, Bulgaria.

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The King of Pumpings

Hi folks, these days i made a silly amateur video with some scenes from my backyard a.k.a the “loze” or maybe on English would be vineyard.

There are some subtitles but they are on my native language – Bulgarian. Besides most of it can be understand without words ; ).


Astronaut Chris Hadfield Debunks Space Myths Short Subbed Version

Hi people, these days i decided to make a new video. It’s a short 4 minute version of Chris Hadfield who demystifies some space myths.  You know that in our Era, the average viewer attention span drops with disturbing rates and at the opposite flip of the coin we have the opportunity to live in the Informational Era, so there is a lot of interesting and even important information that in my opinion can be remake in more mobile and flexible way.

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Наздраве! За приятелите.

Здравейте семейство, приятели, познати и не толкова познати!

По случай рождения ми ден реших да публикувам една статия, която е посветена на фрази  на мои близки приятели, семейство и на хора, които съм виждал за кратко в живота ми, но са оставили следа в него. Тези думи си ги напомням често, за да живея по-щастлив живот, но и за да благодаря на Бог за съществуването на всички вас.

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