Davinci Resolve: How to make Video Inside Text title

Recently I’ve come to the realization that I haven’t uploaded any new tutorial about davinci resolve. As always I am trying to look for new things and to enrich myself more into the fusion page. There were times when I have been deconstructing a lot of titles and graphics with the purpose to learn how to do them in the fusion page of DR.

As most of you – the davinci resolve users – you know that there are vast amounts of information how to do thing X and thing Y at After Effects but the case is the opposite in terms of DR. Often I had to put on a pause projects because of not enough information out there or because it was too hard for me to grasp how “the trick works”.

Lately I’ve learned something which I’ve wonder for a long time how to do it more efficiently with a few nodes instead with 2 or 3.

At first it’s not such a big difference but sometimes it’s more important to discover a new “setting” inside of a node instead of achieving the same result with 2 or 3 steps more.

Sometimes that one setting open the possibility to help you tremendously for another tasks and taking better design decisions.

First create New Timeline with Default Settings.

And the next step is to create New Fusion Composition. You can use also the default settings.

Now go into the fusion page and select Background Node and link as a mask to it Rectangle Node.

Here you can choose your own settings. I have picked for the Height around 0.14 and a slight corner radius of 0.13.

You can pick random color for your BG Node.

Next simple step is to add a Text Node to your Background Node. (On the image it’s Text1 connected to Background1 through a Merge Node 1)

Type any text you want.

Add another Background Node to the Merge 1 node. Right now the only free input is the blue one – the input for the masks.

We don’t want this background to be a mask. So unpin the Text 1 from the green input. And link to the merge node your second background node – the Background Node 2.

Everything is black and that’s because right now the newly added background node 2 is working as a foreground because of the green input. We want to work as a background so there is a short key combination with which the merge node can exchange the foreground and the background inputs.

This combination is CTRL + T.

Background 1 should be connected to the green input (the foreground) and background 2 should be connected to the yellow input(the background). See the arrows in the image bellow:

Next step is to select the Background2 Node and to move the slider for the alpha channel to the 0. And link the text1 node to the merge node as a mask. (the blue triangle)

That way everything outside the mask is cropped. The text literally wrapped inside its boundaries the green rectangle background. The mask is applied to the foreground node – Background 1.

The final step is to select the merge node and go to the settings panel. Then choose Apply Mask Inverted.

That way everything inside the mask is cropped. The boundaries of the rectangle mask are restored.

At least that’s how I understand it.

That’s it.

Thank you for your time and have a nice day.



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