English Books: The Good Husband of Zebra Drive

These days I brought a light hearted book on an African topic. It turned out to be a good way to relax after a long working day or to just get a better view of the local life in the “savanna”.

The story

The story is set in Africa and revolves around the daily life of local detective agency. It is governed by Mma Ramotswe and her individualistic and somehow mischief but original assistant Mma Makutsi. There is leap of action between her agency and the local auto repair shop of her husband Mr J. L. B. Maketoni and some other less important characters through the book.

When I started to read the book I was with the tendency in mind to reveal what are the cases which are going to be resolved in this detective agency. But with the time passing, I was kind of fascinated by the interactions between the main characters and the rest of the people which were mentioned in the book.
Sometimes there were more deep insights about the connections between them, the communication, the way the characters were trying to explore themselves, and overall how and where to position in their own imagination of who really they are.
In that term I could also explore myself so it was a nice read.

Pace of Action

Unfortunately the pace of action of this book was that slow that at times I had to put the book aside for several days. I was even thinking to start a new book but I just changed my initial…goal.
I focused on the cultural insight instead of the suspense genre. In that term was more interesting to observe the daily routine of local people, the way they are living their life and the places they visited. It’s the first book which I read about Africa in a foreign language and probably hardest thing for myself was to pronounce correctly the names of the main characters(in my head).
I was never expected that such “trivial” thing would interrupt my pace of reading but it looks like that the following proverb is valid here “There’s a first time for everything”.
In terms of suspense some of the cases were just starting to become good and some local minor causality was killing the tense. The resolution of cases was postponed and postponed and postponed. I was kind of fury at some point but the whole idea of this book on my opinion was that it’s more focused on the relationships between the characters than the story.


The characters were nice but not very well developed. On my opinion there wasn’t enough situations where to test their character traits and to explore it in more depth. I would say that there were some interesting interactions here and there and probably the most interesting thing for me was the way they internalized and self-reflected on the outcome of their actions.

One such case was when the husband of Mma Ramotswe decided to try to change his “boring” and very predictable job at the auto repair shop with one day in the skin of her spouse as a private detective.
Initially he was very excited but after a while he made a few mistakes which could lead to more major mischiefs between 3rd parties. He had to explain himself in a way he wasn’t get used to.
The overall experience was very stressful for him and he realized that this job’s trade off is that it may seems exciting but the job of a detective requires very agile capabilities in expressing yourself the right way, to have the required skills to handle and work with sensitive information, the ability to taking in a constructive way feedback from the clients, etc.

Language Complexity
In terms of language the book is more to the easy side. There were some specific words describing local animals and plants which I was curious what they look like but in general it was easy to read. The way it is written is straight to the point and without juggling with hard to comprehend concepts. It was kind of linearity structured with rare leap to different episodes of the lives of the main characters. Which is a formula for easily pass through the pages.

Satisfaction Factor
In terms of how light novel is the “light” novel the book may be one of the many typical books in this genre.
There wasn’t a lot of hardships and drama. Most of the things were presented light heartedly and without too much complexity.
In one sentence “It’s a view in the daily life of local people in Africa.”

Despite my final rating for this book it was a nice short trip to the always fascinating for me life of different cultures than my own. I look forward to read more books from that part of the world and to seek more interesting stories from it’s people.
Thank you guys and have a nice day.

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