Davinci Resolve Tutorial: How to delete old cache files

Recently I had to work on a very big project with 4k proxy footage, graphical assets etc. I was thinking that maybe 40-50 GB or diskspace must be sufficient for 20 GB of raw material but I was wrong…

One morning I turned on my pc and I saw that the most important disc partition was on red with practically 0 bytes free space.

I never thought that I may need to clear my old cache files so far. Part of me was thinking that some of these files which I have been using for all my projects are into this Cache folder so I was afraid to not delete by mistake some important files.

In general it turned out that the function of the cache memory is to load your whole timeline very fast. That “timeline memorization” is stored in your cache folder. Or at least that’s how I understand it.

In general there are some settings into the panels of the program where you can designate by yourself how to be rendered your source materials (while you work on your timeline). Mine are set to render everything because I like to work faster without waiting to load all the timeline. That’s one of the reasons why you could have more occupied storage.

I have tried some of the newer built-in methods of DR for deleting cache but without success so I put my hands to the old school methods: Find and delete the folder and redirect the cache folder to another location (in my case on another drive).

This is the specified path to my Cache folder – the name of the folder which is created by DR is called CacheClip.

The total amount of free space after I have deleted all the cacheclip files was ~ 250 GB.

The second part of this fast tutorial is how to change that folder location.

First you need to go to:

And after that to:

Media storage section

I have an external drive called I. There I created a folder with the same name CacheClip. And clicked the save button so the new path is remembered by DR.

And that’s for today’s tutorial.


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