Davinci Resolve Shortcuts: How to Insert Videos on different spots on the Timeline

Hi guys today I will make another tutorial about optimizing your workflow with Davinci Resolve.

I will write down 4 ways to insert videos between other videos. The first 2 are without using the Source Monitor and the last 2 are by using it. In certain cases working with the source monitor is unnecessary at least for me and some other times I prefer to mark different areas of the footage through the Source Monitor and drag them to the Timeline so I have solutions for the both work flows.

The first case is just by pressing: Alt + Y. It’s moving everything on the right of the red playhead on the timeline.

Move aside everything from the red head of your pointer to the right.
Drag and Drop your footage from video sequence 2 to the main video sequence which is on place 1.

Now I am inserting (sliding) the video with the woman directly under video sequence 1.

The second way to insert video on desirable spot comes more handy when the video is already on the timeline. In our case the video is on video sequence 2 and I want to place it between the videos on video sequence 1.

Select the video and press Ctrl + X. It will disappear from the Timeline.

By pressing Ctrl+Shift+V it will move automatically the rest of the videos from video sequence 1 to the right. That way you can drag your video from video sequence 2 to the right spot in video sequence 1.

The third way is by using the source monitor.

In case you don’t see the source monitor you must hide the Inspector view and click on the Dual Viewer Mode icon on the right top corner of the screen:

Once you see both monitors you can select an area from the Source monitor which you want to drag to the timeline by pressing Mark In and Mark Out I and O hotkeys.

Hold and Drag the marked area/or the whole video from the Source Monitor to the far right corner of the Timeline Monitor.

The overlay panel with the settings including also the Insert Icon appears when you hold and drag a video from the source monitor to the far right side of the timeline monitor.

And the final forth way is by selecting your video from the source monitor, placing the red playhead on the desirable spot on the Timeline and clicking on the Insert Icon (on the right of the razor blade icon) or the shortkey for that is F9.

Inserts the video on the left of the playhead.

That’s for the todays lesson. There is also other ways to do it but for now I am using these.

Have a nice day.


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