Davinci Resolve Shortcuts: How to Zoom In and Zoom Out the Timeline.

Another short tutorial about work optimization under Davinci Resolve.

The first image is our Timeline in it’s normal state – the original or natural/default position.

That position depends of the initial zoom that you have applied to your timeline. This setting can be changed by the icon of + and of the “magnifying glass”.(the red circle)

To Zoom In I am using the shortcut: Alt + mouse scroll. These are PC keyboard settings.

Zoom In

To Zoom Out I am using the shortcut: Shift + Z. This is Zooming out to the last zoomed out increment that was chosen on the +- magnified glass icon.

Zoomed Out to the initial Timeline look.

The bonus tip is that when you press again Shift + Z you can Zoom In to the red slide marker. The Zoom In is working the same way with the Zoom Out – It’s depending on what was the last chosen step on the magnifying glass.

That’s it for todays tutorial.

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