Octopath Traveler

Hi guys today I will write this short article on English language because I kinda feel sorry about all my foreigner subscribers ; }. Some of you knows that I have several YouTube channels where I upload different kind of my hobbies – from amateur made mixture of my favorite music and movies, experimenting with stock or personal footage or capturing gameplay, recording music from games, animes and TV series.

I am kinda big lover of pixel art games because they can recreate and keep very well the kind relaxing and warm atmosphere of the time when I was kid, but not only because of the nostalgia(this is actually only a very small bit) but also because I believe that if somebody try to keep his inner child alive he can reach and support true happiness until the end of his life. With the time passing this so called journey become harder or maybe that’s just my impression for the moment. Who knows : D.

Now I play this game Octopath Traveler and I want to capture some of the best locations and when I finish the game I like to re-watch and immerse again in some of my favorite moments, heroes, green pixeled mountains etc… Trying to achieve even more – to create my own world, to dream about it, to live in there just for a while. : )

This music video is footage from the actual game. It’s about 10 minutes. If you like this kind of art you can subscribe to my channel because I have the intention to grow it with more treasuries like this one. And because this is a multicultural blog and mainly I write on my native language and sometimes I switch on English. It’s not such a big deal because on the first place if you like this art or if you think that you could like it or even love it than sooner or later you will find your place. ; )

Hope you will enjoy it.

; )

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