I was agonizing somewhere there into this forsaken sinful ghost town and I thought this is it, I am done… at last the world have won… my eyes are shutting forever… grasping the light and the beauty of the world for one last time…

But than… than I saw



She was there for me…
She have chosen me… for whatever reason she had…

I felt that slowly I have become one of the many scars she carried with her…
She have sacrificed herself again… for another stranger, for another chance to save the next tormented soul of this scourged hell of a town.

But who is she? Why me? What is she doing in my mind?

So many questions without an answer…

I was feeling better and better.

My pain slowly was replaced by my admiration for her will to live and to fight against the shadows of this ruined semblance of a city.

My body was filling fast with strength.

My blood was pumping my veins with life force beyond reach…

She was my inspiration to continue my


until the end of time….




PS: Please don’t forget that this is Science Fiction guys xD

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