Fractale AMV

Hi guys today i made a new video.

The footage is taken from the anime TV show with very beautiful art and deep story of love between two young souls. And of course like in every beautiful story there is a war which often separates them.

The war between the people of Fractale – a future version of humankind – artificially created reality where everything is possible, everyone can be and do whatever he likes and the rebel faction which defends the old customs and believing.

And there is our main hero Clain who is maniac about old vintage culture and technology. He is living a peaceful but somehow boring and lonely live.  The moment when the destiny meets him with Phryne is a life changing for him. There is a feeling which is long forgotten and he want that feeling to stay with him.

The story it’s not very straight forward so it’s kinda hard to follow but the hidden messages, the small things and the lovely characters can help you to view the world of Fractale from a perspective which is close to our real world.

The music track is Orbital – Belfast.

Hope you will enjoy it.


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