Top Gun’86 feat Kristine – Feel the Air

Hi people, i wasn’t near here for a while with a single purpose: to let you rest from my publications, but yeahhh unfortunately I’ve come back with new forces and most importantly a new video.

I always wanted to make a video with one of the most legendary movies of the 80s – Top gun. I will not lie to you that i am totally in love with Charlie and Maverick. So it’s a video clip about love, love and more LOVE. Kristine and Mitch Murder made a perfect duet so yeah… I liked very much the final result.

Probably it’s not very well paced, because in my head i hear constantly the melody so yeah, it’s about my personal feelings, imagination, dreaming and of course the vibe of the 80s. I hope it can be for you too.

Let’s begin the New Year with more hope, love and endless opportunities.

Thank you for your attention. ; )

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