Yamato Drummers of Japan

Hi people, these days I made new video with some footage from a concert of Yamato – drummers of Japan in Varna, Bulgaria.

I will tell you only a few words about the video which i made. In fact it’s not the common video which combines best moments from the concert. It’s made more in my style – music which i found much appropriate for this kind of entertainment placed as a background and of course the main focus of the night is the footage from their show.

Pretty much i was happy with their concert, but towards the end i found them just a little bit boring. In short they try to be very rhythmic, they have WoW effect choreography and at the same time so good synchronization in drumming. They act as one whole unit. Not as a different persons. All that was probably the good stuff. The bad for me, it’s that there isn’t any melody. I mean that they had some moments, where some of them is playing guitar but this was just a particular case.

And without melody for me, their music sounds to me as stripped off from some African savanna or maybe prehistoric era. 🙂 This is not particularly bad for the first 1 hour but after some time it can become annoying.

Overall i liked the energy of all the participants, the intensity of their drumming for maybe 2 whole hours without a single pause and not last their spirit and those of Japan.

; )



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