The Pump – Arnold Schwarzenegger Video Clip

Hello folks! New video on the horizon. ; )


These days i made a new video. I did it about Arnold Schwarzenegger because i think he is one of the most influential people of our time. He is not only a legendary bodybuilder but also a cinema star, a former governor of one of the most prosperous american states, he has a lovely family and maybe something that i really don’t know about ; ).

The main focus of this video is about his bodybuilding career. For some time i had that song in mind – SilverHawk – pumping iron and i wanted to make a video that it’s more dynamic and not so motivational as many other in the internet. I mean there are a lot of inspirational speeches, a lot of heavy metal songs mixed with footage from his workout. They work always in his own ways – to motivate you or inspire you  by the greatest achievements of most emblematic people of our time, or in the other medium to accelerate and make us modern warriors or even fitness animals. And both ways is good by their unique way.

But i wanted something more, something different. And i created a video where the focus is mostly about the dynamic of the training itself. The passion of lifting, of feeling that energy forever and ever in your veins as something more natural. As something that was always in you. Not so much as an animal or as a goal to achieve but more like a feeling or satisfaction just to lift.

I hope you will enjoy it.

Have a nice day! ; )

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