Sun by 憂鬱 = Yūutsu = Melancholy

I decided to write a few words about how i see the song.

I was thinking that maybe it’s not just a coincidence that this song is made by someone with the name Melancholy.

For me this song is like  Mona Liza of Leonardo Da Vinci. Someone can see her smiling, other can see her be sad or just indifferent. And that makes her unique, beauty or  mystical.

This particular song from all synth-wave songs is distinctive in that it’s kinda transcendent, one of a kind. Somebody can say that this is may be a valid statement for every song and he will be partly right and here is why:  This song represents for me the never ending cycle of birth and death. It’s like saying a lot of our life in just two loops of several simple chords repeated… forever.


The Sun rises at the morning like something we know from some other life. It’s so natural. Slow and magnificent. It’s like slow motion in one frame, as the video in fact. That is beautiful, shiny and kinda nostalgic. Nostalgic of a time when we were kids and everything looked so simple, when everything had a simple but permanent beauty. Everything was so easy, i could just stretch my hand touch the sun rays, hold them just for one second, freeze in time and that would make me happy for the rest of the day of the week… forever.

Near the end of the day the sun sets it’s like the Death. In our human nature we are set to the dynamics of the world. That’s the life. The happiness. The light. We don’t want to loose that simplicity. And that it’s the sad part. As human beings we want to have this joy forever. We don’t have it in our mature lives, or at least not as intense as when we were young. Everything is yelling at us to grown up, to hold our responsibilities, always to look ahead and be strong but we want just to stop the time. To watch that light forever. To be there. To be the kid we were. But in the universe the whole cycle is natural and it’s repeating in that order birth/death. There is no sadness or joy in that. Everything it’s just there… forever and ever. So in our human lives we are kinda stuck somewhere in the middle between this sadness and the simple joy. This complex mix is giving birth to the… melancholy. You don’t know exactly if you are happy or you are sad. You are just both.: )

Thanks to anybody who had the patience to read this mumbo jumbo : D…

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