Gabriel 2007 feat Alex Delete Soul

Hello guys, these days i was editing a new clip. It’s a combination between the movie Gabriel from 2007 and the new retro wave artist ALEX and his song Delete soul.
here is the link:

I hope you will enjoy it.

If you want you can read some of the symbols behind the movie i edited.

There is a lot of symbolism. I can tell you in general that this is a clip about the inner fight in yourselves – Gabriel symbolizes our good will and spirit, and the fallen angel Michael is our shadow or our passion to do everything to pleasant ourselves. The girl is something like a symbol of purity, sanity or peace and i use it like a guiding light for our personality. In the end her caress for him saves Gabriel, or at least wins the battle this time.

Michael is the fallen angel and in fact near the end of the movie he kinda unites himself with his best friend Gabriel(because they were both send by God to help people on Earth. (there is some Christian Symbols). So here we have a unique symbolization of how our fighting demons are in fact our friends and somewhere deep in us they want to be purified and why not saved.

Finally a few words about the song.

It’s soft kinda sad or lost nature it’s like a reflection to our deepest self which want to be heard from us. The vocals of the female can match that atmosphere.

Thanks for the attention. ; )

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