The Rock Legends – Van Halen

… from the state of the rising sun… California,Pasadena, also known as the “small Amsterdam”, with total weight of 10000000000000000 pounds of gold, fans and endless woman t-shirts.
With all my respect measured in smiles, excessive thrilling joy, crazy imaginary guitar soloing…
Singing with all my heart, walking, jumping, circling, hanging, and turtling on belly onto the ground filled only with SATISFACTION AND NOTHING MORE.
My stars into the sky, The Galactic heroes, the never ending happiness.
LADIES AND GENTLEMEN i am proud to give youuuuuu.


The best band in the world for me is Van Halen. The reason is that they mix so well music, show, lyrics, expressions, crazy scene behavior, the emotional and teasing vocals of David Lee Rot or the mighty roar and same time SO SO positive attitude of Sammy Hagar before him, and last but not least the genius and truly exceptional guitar skills of Eddie Van Halen.



Eddie Van Halen

Their whole musical contribution is full only with songs dedicated to:
the joy, happiness, to our dreams, to love, hope, fun, party, crazy jungle animalism… ; D
… reaching for the final goal… complete happiness…

And all that forms a “delicious” Molotov cocktail because their music is literally an EXPLOSION of feelings and smiles and great melodies.
I like it especially because it’s positive but also because it’s giving me that feeling of not only fast but high progression (it’s more a dimensional thing).
It’s like you can reach the stars and that would be only the start of a great journey….

Sammie Hagar

Here I will admit that i like Sammy Hagar more like a lead vocal than DLRoth because Haggar is like 100% into the song and he wants really to short the distance between the lyrics and the public.
He is kinda more dedicated to the deep emotion into the song and he wants to translate that message the best way possible to his fans. That song is a great example of his singing skills.

S.Hagar or the RED ROCKER

But i will share with you that my main reason to like the RED ROCKER is that… he looks like a lion… you know big yellow hair…

The way he sings it’s like a lion who is taking a nap ; D

And of course his mighty roar… which maybe is the only logic in all the shit i just told you about him xDDD …


I can say that the music of Van Halen makes a very good mix of emotions of great soloing with so many different, exceptional and innovative techniques.

There is a lot of tapping, of natural and artificial harmonics, the elevating sound of the synth and not last the crazy guitar screaming and all kind of jungle sounds, drills, saw scratching.
Dispersed in some “chaotic”, unrepeatable and unrecognizable way into their music. And after all that you can call it still music. It’s simple… unbelievable. It’s just… magic.


About the lyrics… i need to warn you guys… watch out your thoughts… because i cant be responsible for the actions of the constructional worker down here… ; D
With the red cocky hat, big thirsty smile and spicy eyes burning with passion to drill… another whole in you… ; D …Anyway if you want to hire her for a professional heart killer you can find her at… Poundcake street… Van Halen city… Hard Rock country… ; )


Somebody can say that the lyrics are pretty simple and kinda “Glam rock” oriented but for me as their very respected and worldwide known “o_o” lawyer “o_o” i will say that… they are not exactly glam rock band : D
OK… You catch me… i admit that…everything is against me but… let’s just… PRETEND that i am more right than wrong… ; D : D : D. Let’s pretend that Santa is real… ooops… : D I hope that i didnt brake somebody illusions here … so Peace… and listenn tooo VAN HALEN!!!


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